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Susan Kare | An article from Apple Gazette

This is an interesting article I came across on the Apple Gazette that I thought worth sharing with you guys. Presenting: the untold, little-known story of one of Apple’s earliest and most influential artists. Susan Kare’s place in history is among its … Continue reading

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The essential tools for an iOS/XCode Developer: Part 1

I thought I’d document a fantastic range of resources and software that should be part of an iOS Developer, based on my experiences. The sources I will provide are a historical collection of GitHub sources, as well as software and design tools … Continue reading

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A bit morbid, Apple Dev conference for 2011 has Steve Jobs as keynote speaker

You can find the page at Unless Apple have found a way to re-animate someone, it’s a bad error to have on such a prominent part of their website.

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Make sense of iOS Certificates

When developing your iOS app, you reach a point where you are ready to either build for your own device to test, or to distribute to others. The one thing that you may find that is quite fickly is certificate … Continue reading

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Review of “Designing Mobile Interfaces”

This book centralises the science of designing interfaces, void of any specific platform or device but rather allows the reader to think spatially in terms of UX for the thumb. The Mobile developer will be able to follow the various … Continue reading

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