A sad day, may he rest in peace

I wish to send out my prayers and thoughts to the family of Steve Jobs, who has been one of history’s greatest men. A pioneer in taking Apple into what it is today, after founding it, he has been loved and loathed by many, but no one can doubt his genius and ingenuity. His great attention to detail has led to what we have today, the iPod, iPhone, iPad, which have all been and still are market-leaders. There is the saying, It is better to have bad press than a good eulogy, and unfortunately, mr Jobs has had mostly that. But for the true fans, the true techno-folks out there, we know what he has given to this world, to us, and we reluctantly return this gift to God, knowing Steve will look down at us with a smile, every time we see the bright white Apple logo on our devices and screens.

May he rest in peace  
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