Review of ‘programming iOS 4’ Uncut

This is my first uncut book that I am reviewing, and despite having that label, having being released without being edited in this current rough form, I find it to be quite the contrary. I haven’t found any rough parts of the book, and the organisation of the book is exemplary. 

For anyone, from novice to experts, this 800-page book has everything, from the basic concepts down to talking about Grand Central Dispatch and Blocks, and forms what is my absolute favourite iOS book. The detail, the effort the author puts to show complete code, makes this book very clear and your ‘one-stop-shop’ to being an iOS developer. Perhaps a bit thin on the Core Data front, but no book can contain everything one wants. It stimulates someone to look further, experiment further with APIs and perhaps even encourage developers to look at GitHub open source projects to supplement this. It does the job of touching on every facet of Cocoa development, and if you do need further information, on each of those lesser detailed areas, this book is your springboard to seek further answers online or in another O’Reilly book. 

The examples are clear and a lot easier to follow than most books I have read, and despite it’s size in pages, the book is definitely not intimidating, follows an easy order of topics.

I would suggest having this book, along with the iOS cookbook and Cocoa and Objective-C as the three must have on the bookshelf, for the complete suite for all areas. The best iOS book by far, and a pleasure to have on my virtual bookshelf.

Programming iOS 4 - Early Release

Programming iOS 4 – Early Release

Fundamentals of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Development

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