Review of “Consuming Web Services on the iPhone” O’Reilly video

This is the first O’Reilly video I have reviewed, after mostly being a book reader. Unlike going to sites like to get out whole courses, this is a concise set of videos that total up to 1-2 hours, that serve a specific purpose. This is not for the intermediary developer, but someone in-between, who wants to learn how to do a specific thing.
This video in particular, ‘consuming web services‘ was something I was interested in because most books don’t cover this in great detail. They cover the use of NSNetwork but not consuming actual XML data, and placing it in a UITableViewController. So for a reference to something that you can’t find some information on, great!

Whether I would want to rely on a lot of videos, not sure…. I would like to see small chapters that are sold rather than whole books, articles on doing particular things, when you don’t want to add GBs of videos to your library. 

Having said that, I really enjoyed Mike Morrisson and his rundown of the code. It could probably have been explained a bit quicker, but hey everyone is at a different level of programming. I find the video useful and im sure depending on the author and topic it might vary, but my general impression is that its useful for the particular topic I was after.

I Rate this book:  4.5 out of 5


Consuming Web Services on the iPhone - O'Reilly Media

Consuming Web Services on the iPhone – O’Reilly Media, 1st Edition

By Michael Morrison

Standalone apps are a thing of the past. The iPhone is an always-connected device, and your apps need to act like it. In this O’Reilly Breakdown, iPhone programmer Mike Morrison walks you through the ins and outs of connecting to a web service throug…

Format: Safari Books Online, Video

Publish Date: November 01, 2010

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