Review of Office 2011 for Macintosh: The Missing Manual By Chris Grover




Office 2011 for Macintosh: The Missing Manual

A huge update for Mac Users who have been trying to keep their enterprise-applications on-par with their Windows counterparts, and with Microsoft’s great leap, Office 2011 for Mac is definitely the ‘missing manual’ for users like me. Well I must admit, I have used Windows’ Office a few years ago but have been stuck on iWorks for the past 3 years. 

With Outlook replacing exchange and having the other Office tools become more in-sync with the Windows version, I decided to make the leap myself. Reviewing Chris Grover’s book, whilst being extremely thick, it provides the most comprehensive and detailed User Guide for a user who may know how to use the Office products at an novice-to-intermediary level, but this reference book bridges the gap towards becoming an advanced user.

Grover starts off with the basics of course, with the rudimentary navigation around each of the products, and adds some hints, some shortcuts that will make work easier, as well as drop in some reminders of things you can do that you would have thought of previously, such as numbering and how to restart numbering, something that I always have to fiddle with. Advanced Searching Techniques, such as searching for Writing Styles and by Fonts is an amazingly powerful thing that I would not have known, but thanks to Office 2011 for Mac, the Missing Manual, I am able to find such enjoyable ‘easter-egg‘ goodness throughout the book. 

There are no real cons to this book, it is quite thick and large and perhaps some people would be seeking a Cookbook, but for me, to have the logical ordered chapters, explaining the simple, the more advanced topics is exactly what I need. I can refer to a chapter, a product when I use it, learn a thing or two new each time and keep the book at hand, which is what a manual is all about, not something you read once and throw away. 

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