Review of Best iPad Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders by Peter Meyers


Best iPad Apps

The Guide for Discriminating Downloader

If you are to give a new iPad to a friend or family, this is the book that goes with the iPad. Or why not bundle it as an ebook within the iPad? Peter Meyers disseminates the App Store into categories, based on whether the user is looking for Apps for Work for instance, sub-categorising that into TO-DO Lists and Making Calculations, thus giving the user the ability to search by activity/need. 
An essential for the ‘newbie’, I would question however whether an app could truly be pigeon-holed into any one category, but nevertheless, it might be the developer’s primary intent and something the user can organically work out. The author reviews each app within the sub-category, by title, price and the version (as of the date of review). The reviewer provides a more informative explanation of the product and it’s use, it’s quirks and so on, which adds for a great central repository of product reviews. You could get the reviews individually by googling and looking up websites like macworld, but having a concise book that details by use each of the products is convenient.
The categories and sub-categories as the author has the book organised is useful and helpful, a user would want to find an app that related to kids and parents, would yield “Baby Connect for iPad” for instance. 
I would prefer though to have more on each app, more of an aggregation of other sources, such as a YouTube video screencast link of an app if it’s available, to give users a more in-depth understanding than four or so paragraphs the author offers. Having said that, for $14.95, it’s a bargain and regardless it would at least give the user a chance to filter out the ‘gimmicks’ from the ‘useful’ apps, and then use that shortlist to google and Youtube for more information on that app, before buying. 
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