Great Flex Podcasts/Resources through iTunes

I just thought I’d share some good iTunes podcasts/resources that you can subscribe to, that will enrich your knowldge of Flex. A great way for you to casually listen to video and audio podcasts while commuting on the train, or during your downtime, if you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, or even on your laptop. Adobe themselves have official podcasts:

  • Adobe Developer Connection – contain HD video how-to’s with a lot of Flash/Flex content, as well as Coldfusion
  • Flex in a Week – is a fantastic HD tutorial package that gives you free training in Flex 4. Another official Adobe release, which is available to view through Adobe, or to download via iTunes.
  • Flash Catalyst 1:1 – provides Flash catalyst tutorials in HD, which is handy for those of you who want to explore the designing phase, divorced of the actual development.

There are also some audio podcasts, which are not Adobe’s but rather unofficial. 

  • The Flex Show – seems to be quite regular, with a lot of interviews, something more casual than the above training material, so I’d recommend subscribing to.
  • Flextras – made by the same folks as the Flex Show, has some nice tutorials and how-tos, great supplement to their main show.

Hope this helps, and if anyone else has any more shows they would recommend, please don’t be shy.

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