How to work with FlexPMD

FlexPMD is one of those open-source projects in the thriving community that is Flex, that I find to be quite useful, especially for the enterprise world. Essentially, this tool, which could either be an eclipse-plugin, embedded within ant or through other third-party tools, is an auditor that aims to improve code-quality, traversing your ActionScript/Flex directories and spots out bad-practice code, with the ability to add your own custom rules.

It’s sister tool which also comes in the package, FlexCPD, detects copy/paste code which might seem ‘suspect’ utilising theJavaCPD engine to detect such duplications. Upon running these tools, you get a detailed report in XML or charted via Hudson/Sonar, to assist in finding the code, realising the trends and so forth.

Installing/Setting up FlexPMD
You set up FlexPMD by following the instructions set here

Creating Rules
To create rules you would use the FlexPMD RuleSet creator which is in fact a Flex App, 

Outputting Results
You output the results using the Violation Viewer.

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One Response to How to work with FlexPMD

  1. Doron Katz says:

    I will create an in-depth tutorial on how to use this, in a few weeks, as we will be using this in my company’s project. I will share the knowledge, so enjoy 🙂

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