DropBox Tip for Mobile Users


For those of you who use DropBox as religiously as I do, I have some tips I would like to share with you guys, which may aid you in your day-to-day workflows. I store all my important documents on there, which I have and use remotely. For example, tickets that I purchase online, travel agendas and so forth I store in folders and sub-folders, organised as you can see. 


I also make use of my iCal, to organise my schedule for the week and month, and if I have a meeting that I need to attend, or a flight that I have to catch, I edit my iCal entry and add a link in the notes section, which links to that file. It’s easy to do a link, all you have to do is, either on your iPhone/Android or normal desktop browser, log in to  DropBox and find the file, create a link for it, copy it to your clipboard and store it in the notes.


Now, your calendar should sync with your mobile device and when you are at the airport, or boardroom, just find that entry, press on the link in notes and you have your saved important document that contextualises your schedule even further. 
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