Sharify: Shareware-ize your Air/Flex Apps

With Sharify, you can earn money from your Adobe Air/Flex apps, by monetizing them through a shareware, and set licensing fees according to your business propositions. Pretty cool…

By simply integrating their swc library into your application, then calling a method to listen for an event and handling it, you can choose your own payment methods and only pay 3% of each of your license-issuing to Sharify and keep the rest. It’s a lot better than what you may get at Apple, and with the Android platform also looking to include Air capabilities, you look set to sell cross-platform and gain maximum exposure.

With Sharify, you also have a neat control panel that will allow you to manage your licenses, transfer licenses (if a user for example changes computers), issue free and beta testing licenses, view stats on users, how many are on trial, how many have upgraded and so forth. They are currently in alpha testing, and are allowing users to test via invite only, but I dare say watch this space, as I can see some really neat things coming out of it.

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