Little update on me

Hey guys, just a quick update on where I am at. While I  am still excited to work on the iPhone 4.0 sdk and perhaps get an app or two out for the iPhone/iPod touch, the iPad as well as the Apple desktop, I am also looking to extend my scope to look at creating Android applications, for the Google-based phones. 

The reason is, I enjoy and appreciate Google’s sort-of-open philosophy with the Android phones, and having purchased the HTC Desire phone myself, I will look at working on some apps for that. I won’t neglect my love for the iPhone apps, but on a personal level, I currently enjoy my HTC better as a personal phone interface, but the lack of decent quality apps means the market will be split between both parties, Apple and the rest.  

Anyhow, still a bit uncertain what the future holds, but I am looking forward to dipping my feet in as many lakes as possible, without getting any frostbite 🙂

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