iPhone 4.0 : Arguments for the iAd engine

iPhone OS 4 Preview. Get a sneak peek at a few of the 100+ new features for iPhone OS.

There have been a lot of chitchat in the blogosphere of people hitting at Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0 iAd Platform. Essentially iAds is Apple’s platform of selling and hosting the ads, giving 60% of ad revenues back to developers, with developers being able to add the Ads back onto their applications. The Ads will be fancy, through the use of HTML 5 which will allow for things like videos to be placed within the iPhone app.

Now, people are talking about how the advertisements will bombard users who would be exposed to hundreds and thousands of ads. Well, I have this argument for them. If it means developers can produce applications of quality and deliver it for free to users, isn’t it worth it? We are already exposed to advertisements on news websites, television and cable and thats all so that companies can pay for air time and quality programming (and news). Apple is doing the same thing…

They are allowing developers to provide something of use to users for which they feel they cannot put a price tag on, such as a blogging app or a news app, or a charity app and would make use of the iAd engine to generate their revenues.

Secondly, if the end-user is not happy with the exposure of advertising, he or she does not need to buy that app. There isn’t a certainty that every application will have those ads, perhaps premium versions of the app would be ad-free while the lite version will be free and offer advertisements.

I just think people are making a bigger deal out of this, as part of the “everyone vs Apple” syndrome that is going around
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