Early iPad reviews out there

There have been some early iPad reviews, for those who have been fortunate enough to get a pre-release unit from Apple. Currently it seems the vibe is good from those early-bird reviewers out there, with no surprises, knowing the limitations in terms of a lack of Flash support or multi-tasking, but and a general impression that it does serve a market need.

While not being as complete as a laptop for creation, it does serve a good consumer-product for playing and storing media and books (and adding my two penny’s worth, if you are going to spend as much for a Kindle then why hold Apple to a different level than Amazon?)

Some of the popular reviews below:

[David Pogue / New York Times]
Pogue attacks the iPad from two different perspectives: techie and “everyone else”. If you’re a techie, Pogue says that a laptop will do more for less money. But, if you like the concept of the iPad, “you’ll love the machine”. Pogue did test the iPad’s battery life and found it could play movies continuously for over 12 hours.

[Walter Mossberg / All Things D]

– “a whole new type of computer”
– Mossberg found the iPad a “pleasure to use” and had less and less interest in using his laptop the longer he used it, reserving their use for writing/editing longer documents or watching Flash-requiring web videos.
– Impressed by the battery life which was longer than Apple’s 10 hour claim.
– No trouble with the on screen keyboard.
– Pages is a “serious” content creation app but only exports to Word and not always accurately.

[Edward Baig / USA Today]

– “The first iPad is a winner.”
– Onscreen keyboard fine for emails or quick notes, but not for lengthy articles.
– Most will use the iPad for consuming content rather than creating it.
– “Apple has pretty much nailed it with this first iPad, though there’s certainly room for improvement.”
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