Amazon Kindle for the Mac (in a way)

Took me a while to figure this out, but looking at some posts around the web, I finally got Kindle for the PC to work on my mac, and until Amazon releases the long-anticipated Mac-compatible version, this is probably the best way. OK, grab yourself a copy of CrossOver for the mac, which is free for 30 days, but otherwise definitely worth buying. It essentially allows you to run Windows apps on your Mac, without needing to install Windows in a Virtualised way, which is great, and means you dont have to use your processing resources loading Windows, just to read a book, right? OK, so once you have it, install it and then install the PC version of the Kindle app. After finishing the installation, there is another trick you need to perform. If you run the Kindle for the PC straight after you will notice that the textboxes are blank/empty, so it’s sort of half working but not completely. In order to remedy this, for the bottle you have installed it in, go to Control Panel and winecfg, and then find the app you installed, and opt for it to run under Windows 98. That’s it!, you have a fully working Kindle for PC going!


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