iPad may kill Kindle with it’s own software

Everyone has been talking about the iPad and how it with it’s iBook app store would destroy Amazon and it’s Kindle but I dare say, we no need look further than the Kindle software to realise that Apple can use Amazon’s own ordinance to kill it.


Kindle has late last year distributed on the iPhone it’s Kindle app which works just like Amazon’s device, purchasing and reading books from the Amazon store and using Whispersync to sync your account with the PC and any other Amazon account.

Now to presume that either Amazon would be foolish enough to design an iPad version or even if we use the iPhone optimised version on the iPad, we end up with a device that has a large screen, has colour and unlike the Kindle is capable of dazzling software and other apps, including reading open epub books. Who would therefore buy a Kindle at a comparable price to the iPad when you can get an iPad with the more features ?

As I have said all along, Amazon should have joined forced with Apple and get it’s kindle bookstore on Apple rather than develop it’s own device.

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