Why Google Chrome should be your default browser

Amidst all the anti-Safari Firefox users on the mac making their headway in 2008 and 2009, I have been a steadfast Safari user, only because I was willing to sacrifice the power of extensions of Firefox in order to have a lighter browser that is faster, and therefore stayed with Apple’s Safari.  But Google’s Chrome had made a more stealthy entry into the browser wars on the mac, and from my playing around with it, has shown to be quite speedy, and in fact more speedy than Safari. I love it’s simplistic interface, but up until now, I could not add extensions.

Well, although it’s still very beta, you can get your hands on the latest dev build of Chrome or in fact download the open-source Chromium project, and you would be able to add extensions, like our Windows cousins could for the past few months… Now, what makes me wanna jump ship, is the fact that I can finally take 1Password with me onto the Chrome, which is my most essential browser plugin, so that I can auto-fill my website passwords and forms. If you are interested in the steps needed to install 1Password as an extension, visit the official blog of 1Password. I did not want to open up 1Password and then cut and paste and switch windows all the time, so this is perfect. Granted, it’s not as smooth as Safari, but that’s probably Google Chrome’s fault because the plugins are javascript-based supposedly. But yes, the verdict is still out there, and for now, I am going to give Google a go as my default browser and see how things pan out. 


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