Things 1.2.92 is here

 One of my my favourite and most used app on the mac/iphone is Things  and their blog has announced 1.2.92 is released, filled with bug fixes and new goodies. According to the release notes, the changes include:

  • Fixed a regression related to the Today list sync conflict issue.
  • Fixed an issue where items completed between 12/27/2009 and 12/31/2009 were shown in the Logbook as completed in 2010.
  • Added support for emptying the Trash immediately. Hold down the option key while choosing the “Empty Trash…” menu command.
  • Fixed an issue where the title of a to-do could have multiple lines when entered via Quicksilver.
  • Additional fixes for the issue where Things sometimes started with an empty window and remained unresponsive for some time.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in missing search results when searching for tags that contain subtags.
  • Localization. Added missing translations for Tags window.
  • Localization. Japanese localization fixes.
  • Localization. French localization fixes


CulturedCode’s Things  app for the Mac and iPhone makes task management a breeze, and it comes down to the rapid ease of access to information and adding of information, as well as synchronisation of information between devices. For anything from development notes, to writing down your groceries, this app is fantastic, and once you get into the routine of micro-allocating your life into tasks, you loose the need to have a paper bag to hyper-ventilate.


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