Objective-C: FIXME, TODO and ???

A quick X-Code tip for those Objective-C heads up there. 

There are four different comment tags we can use when coding in XCode, that will allow us to to navigate the source code with some handy pointers. The tags are FIXME, TODO and ???.  So far you may only know of #pragma mark which allows you to section off pieces of your code within the same class file. Adding a TODO: comment, will allow you to flag certain code to fix up for later:

// TODO: Add a login feature here

FIXME comment is similar to TODO, but flags as something that you will leave as code, but needs to be fixed at a later stage. This is quite useful when working in teams, with other developers. Looking at the less frequent tags, ??? is a tag you would put if you rae unsure of how something works, and need to come back to it later, and !!! is something I would use to signify an important step or action.

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