Jailbroken phones:How to Change your root password

Hey fellow iPhone liberators, 

Just a quick note, there has recently been a story on the internet where a hacker in the Netherlands hacked into jailbroken phones on the network, and held the users to ransom, in order to remove the hack warning from the screen. The best thing you can do is reconsider whether you do in fact want a jailbroken phone. Failing that, and enticed by the prize of having more freedom, the next best thing is for you to change your root password. 


Changing your root password:
(1) Most jailbroken phones include some sort of a SSH pre-installed with Cynthia, otherwise you can go into Cynthia or Installer and find an SSH server app so you can emulate an SSH server exposed on your iphone. 
(2) Once you have that installed, you find the IP address of your phone when your device is connected on a Wifi hotspot, by going to Settings -> Network and click on the right arrow for the Wifi network you connected to, and there you will find the ip address. Remember that IP address. 
(3) Now, from your Mac, connect to the same network and go to Terminal. Inside terminal, type ssh root@xxx.xxx.xxx (with x being your phone ip address). It will ask you for a password, for which you enter the default password of alpine
(4) If all goes well, you are connected via SSH to your phone. Now you type : passwrd, and press enter. It will ask you for a new password. This is where you have to find some application or this website, that would generate a complicated password for you, and write it down somewhere safe, and keep it safe and secure (like in your safe or something). 
(5) Type it in the terminal and confirm it. Thats it ! Now you have a new safe password, that will be a lot harder to hack than the default alpine password
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