Facebook woos developers with a roadmap | Web Crawler – CNET News

Facebook’s Ethan Beard outlines what the company is up to in the next six months.

CNET / Josh Lowensohn)

PALO ALTO, Calif.–Facebook on Wednesday took the wraps off its brand new development roadmap, unveiling changes and features the company is planning to implement within the next three to six months.

Many of the changes are smaller, simply rearrangements of certain parts of the user interface. However, the company is also making some radical moves like enforcing badly written applications and enabling developers to acquire user e-mail addresses as well as create Facebook-like sites outside of the social network’s walls.

Ethan Beard, Facebook’s director of platform marketing, who gave the presentation in Facebook’s headquarters here, said that the one thing the company kept hearing from developers was that they needed to know what the company was working on ahead of time–and not just for short-term development, but a year down the line. “You want to know what’s going on inside of Facebook,” he said. “And today is to provide you with a lot more predictability.”

That predictability revolves around the company’s roadmap, which now sits on a new developer site. Beard says that it will remain updated with new items, planned changes, and APIs as they are announced. The company is also making publicly available a bug list, which will show developers problems with the site that Facebook is working on, as well as how they are being prioritized to be fixed.

More information about the new developer APIs can be found on Facebook’s developer site.

For those of you who are developers or who are interested in becoming a developer on the Facebook framework, there are new changes and initiatives that may be of interest .

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