1Password 3 Beta out for you Mac heads


For all you Mac-heads out there, 1Password 3 beta is now out. I am still on version 2.x, and have to run Safari in 32-bit mode until the full version of this is out, but definitely feel excited. This is an excellent solution for you out there who want to remember one complicated password, that gives you access to all your numbers, logins, passwords, and integrates fantastically with Safari and FireFox amongst the other browsers. It pre-fills forms, login forms so you don’t have to remember all the other complicated passwords, whilst ensuring you dont use the same password for bank sites, but rather generate complicated passwords so others won’t be able to hack in. 

1Password 3’s new features include 1PasswordAnywhere, which allows you to open a 1Password Agile Keychain as a folder with a password-protected Web interface on any operating system. You can even add and edit existing items in your Agile Keychain from the browser, but only on Mac OS X computers that have 1Password 3 installed and the Agile Keychain selected. 

And if you have an iPhone, theres is an excellent app that syncs with your desktop app, so you can take your passwords securely with you on the go!
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