Mac on Windows

The infamous  Psystar who have been embroiled in a lawsuit by Apple, over selling PCs with Mac operating system installed on them, has continued to flaunt Apple with it’s valour, by announcing that it will provide a ‘Rebel’ EFI boot-loader to allow OSX Snow Leopard to be installed on your Windows machine. 

You simply have to install an 8mb file to make a bootable CD, follow instructions and that’s it, you get Mac OSX on your Windows. And for a limited time you can pay $50 for this software, after which it will be set at the $90 RRP.  You can download a demo which will allow you to test this for a few hours. 

Many pandits have stated that this cheap offer is just to hit back at Apple more than making a profit, because of Apple’s persistence on suing Psystar.  

I personally think that this is a great thing, and Apple should not force a monopoly on using Apple machines with Apple operating systems. I know there are arguments for each way, and perhaps Apple are right in claiming their operating system is optimised for hardware Apple control’s and therefore reduce any chance of incompatibilities (which is synonymous with Windows and PCs).

However, I think from a political and legal perspective, you should have a right to choose to mix and match, provided you are aware of the risk and support involved. It’s the same as purchasing a mobile phone contract and having that company force you to use their other products, such as a home telephone line etc. 

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