BlueDragon : When Open Source and Coldfusion infuse

Random guys who wonder into my site, I have something new that I have been playing around with. As you all know, Coldfusion is one of my favourite languages, and when I do development, my first choice is to do Coldfusion (albeit with Flex as the front end as I a prefer it over Ajax HTML pages).

Now, the downside with Coldfusion is that the cost of licensing and hosting it is a bit high, although I can understand with the professional work gone into making CF one of the easiest and most robust scripting languages out there. Well, for those of us who would like to offer CF to clients on a lower budget, I introduce to you all Open BlueDragon. An open-source J2EE CFML runtime engine that supports most of the Coldfusion framework, plus extra goodies in the library for access to servers like Amazon S3.

So, if you want to offer your clients, a virtual server consisting of Ubuntu, openbluedragon and MySQL, you don’t have to pay for any of the operating system, database or CFML licensing. Now, the technology is still being evolved, and there is a roadmap for new features to be released, by the steering committee, and these guys are really great.

They helped me get the environment set up on their google groups page, with excellent technical support. There are some things still in the works not yet available, and if you can live without LifeCycle DS, this is an excellent alternative and a project worth supporting. I will definitely be focusing my future development on this, but having said that,

I don’t have anything against Adobe, I think they are fantastic, Adobe’s Ben Forta is an excellent guru who supports the increase in CFML, whether it is open source or through Adobe, so they both go hand-in-hand depending on budget and other dependencies. So why don’t you go ahead and download openbd, and see for yourself what it’s like to be open source yet not have to sacrifice your passion for CF by trying to learn PHP or something as silly as that. 

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