How to Install Bugzilla on Ubuntu

Bugzilla is a free open-source issue-tracking application, well-recommended by many small business and even enterprises, and with comprehensive opportunities to modify it’s look and feel, and with plugins for eclipse, I would put this tool above any other issue-tracking appliance.

You first start-off by running in terminal the following :

sudo apt-get install bugzilla3

Provided you already have MySQL installed on your Ubuntu machine, it should have all the packages installed and ready for you to be prompted with questions for setting up your database, administrator password. The next tweak required is to copy an example Bugzilla config file to your apache configuration folder:

cp /usr/share/bugzilla3/debian/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/bugzilla3.conf

Okay, now that you have apache all set up, you are ready to roll with Bugzilla. Let me know how you go, and if you get any issues!

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One Response to How to Install Bugzilla on Ubuntu

  1. Arulkumaran Vairavanathan says:

    Hi firend,my name is arul and i’m very new to linux OS and struggling to learn all the comments that using in linux, i’m really stuck in installing the bugzilla application on my machine which is an essential software that we wanna use for track some bug in my company as a trial..This particular file “apache.conf” in not listed in my debian folder as ur guide as below..cp /usr/share/bugzilla3/debian/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/bugzilla3.confcan u help me on this matter??

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