Android Phone take Three


Following the season of new mobile gadgets being released, notably from Apple with their latest iteration of the iPhone, HTC is delivering on it’s new promise, the HTC Hero, according to Wired. The UI is revamped, composed 5 megapixel camera (compared to 3 on the iPhone), expandable MicroSD (none on the iPhone), and polished with ant-finger smudging screen coating.

A greater revelation, HTC has promised this Hero will truly support Adobe Flash, while the iPhone and the other competitors have failed at (Palm Pre state they are planning to support it in a future firmware update). Isn’t that great. Finally, we can have a browser that will not freak at all the websites which do have flash, and including Flex-created sites, of course something that I am interested in.

According to wired:

The HTC Hero will be available in Europe in July and in Asia later in the summer.The North American version is expected later this year. No word on pricing yet for the phone.

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