iPhone 3Gs is out. Will it outdo the Palm Pre?


Well, the new iPhone 3Gs has been announced by Apple, and no doubt we will see the third round of devouts queue up and camp out in front of the Apple stores worldwide very soon. But after the announcements and the specs released outdo the Palm Pre?

PCWorld has already put them head-to-head,  taking into account the prices, what is offered and so forth.

Round 1: Price and Value
For the price of an 8GB Palm Pre, you get a 16Gb iPhone, and for only $100US more, you get a 32GB iPhone. So in terms of what you get for your mullah, I’d have to say the iPhone takes round one.

As far as data plans go, since we don’t have it in Australia yet, the verdict will be out on this (and I will update the post when we get news of that).

Round 2: Camera
The camera specs are the same, in terms of both having 3 mega-pixels, however the Pre lacks autofocus, as well as video-editing capabilities. I will have to give Palm the benefit of the doubt, with this being their first model, compared to Apple having three cracks at it.

Round 3: Basic Features
The iPhone now has cut-and-paste, after ages of hate mail and winges, we finally get this basic feature on the iPhone (mind you my Blackberry has had this feature for ages). The iPhone also will be having turn-by-turn navigation, it has a digital compass (in case you need to work out which way is north), and promises on speed and battery lifeline.

Round 4: App Store
The Apple App store now has over 50,000 selections, while the Palm is just starting to evolve now, so we will have to patiently wait and see if it takes off with the same hype as Apple and gets a decent list of applications.

But I think at the end, it all comes down to touching and playing around with both phones. But no doubt, this is the final roll of Palm’s dice, to see if they come out belly up or not. If you have a Palm Pre, or are from the future brought back in time and have an iPhone 3Gs already, drop by and post your thoughts on here.

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