Flash to come to smart phones

A recent article by the Wall Street Journal Adobe is progressing towards release it’s Flash technology onto mobile smart phones. Whilst 99% of PCs are Flash-compatible, Adobe had been struggling to integrate Flash technology onto it’s mobile counterpart, which would have released a new channel for developers and marketers to provide rich media for the more roam-inclined users.


The iPhone has been at the top of the stack of hate-blogs on the internet, with rumours and speculation as to the reasons why Adobe and Apple have not been able to play nicely together, with some saying it had nothing to do with Flash’ high memory-requirements and more to do with other non-related contractual agreements not coming to fruition.

Adobe however have indicated that they will be releasing a beta version of Flash for the upcoming Palm Pre, Google Android later this year, there is no word on whether Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry models will be on the ‘to-do’ list.

But I am not convinced that Apple and RIM will get Flash, I think (as many analysts have also commented) that from a business-perspective, Apple want to differentiate their product offering by not having Flash on it, thus allowing Apple to control the channel of application distribution through it’s Apple iPhone store. What do you guys think?

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