MacAlert: Apple Macbook and Bluetooth Waking up

Hey guys,

I have a 2009 Macbook and unlike some of my predecessor laptops, something was a bit odd with my new model. I use the laptop wherever I go, but when I am at home, I have it hooked up to a monitor and bluetooth keyboard/mouse.

When I put the laptop to sleep (shut the lid) I would wake up the next day and find my laptop is almost battery-dead, or even worse, a grey screen of death and a dead battery.

Well after some tinkering around I realised that it was my bluetooth that kept on waking it up. So throughout the night it would poll my mouse and keyboard (or vice versa) and apparently this took a toll on my laptop each evening and it would wake up exhausted (when I have apparently had a good night’s sleep).

Apparently I have discovered that by default the “Allow Bluetooth Devises to Wake up” is enabled, and I think it’s a stupid thing in itself. Anyhow, the quick and easy solution, disable it. Go to Preferences -> Bluetooth -> Advanced and then untick the box that allows Bluetooth to wake up your machine (see illustration below).


Pfeeww. Anyone else have any weird behaviours?

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