Flex Tutorial #1: Colour a Button using a Colour Picker

Ok guys, this is the first of my tutorials in Flex, and I will regularly be writing up tutorials to help other fellow Flex developers learn a few basic tricks. Please feel free to comment or offer suggestions (or G-D forbid even correct me) on each of my Tutorials:
And for the first tutorial, I will show you how to change the colour of a button or any object for that matter, using a colour picker. In the MXML, enter the following:

<mx:ColorPicker change="changeButtonColour(event)" />
<mx:Button id="test_Button" label="Change My Colour"
click="" />

import mx.events.ColorPickerEvent;
private function changeButtonColour(e:ColorPickerEvent):void
{ test_Button.setStyle("backgroundColor", e.color); }


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