Virtualbox: Mac OS X’s Free Virtual Application to run Windows

Sun's VirtualBox, available on Windows, Mac and Linux

Most Mac users who need Windows and don’t want to use Bootcamp, tend to either fall into VMWare or Parallels users. Those two products, Virtualising Windows on your mac, are no doubt fantastic, and indeed my preference over bootcamp because resetting your machine each time you want to pop off to Windows to run that small app for a second, can be quite annoying.

I came across this application a while back, on my Linux machine, and found out that they also support Mac and Windows. It’s called Sun Virtualbox. What separates this Virtualisation solution from VMWare and Parallels, is that it’s free. That’s right, it’s free to use, and offer basically the same benefits.

I haven’t tested it with 3D graphics, but for the general Windows users, it would match up to most of what VMWare has to offer. A benchmark of these three Virtualisations is available at To download Virtualbox, go to

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