Bluetooth 3.0 – Our beloved conduit is evolving

According to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (BSIG) a wireless specification update is pending for sometime in April/May, for version 3,0 of Bluetooth. The group has stated that it will utilise the faster WiFi protocol in it’s technology to provide more reliable and speedier transfer of multimedia files (such as Mp3s, Wavs and photos) and of course, for those relying on Bluetooth for their phone-2-pc synchronisation, would enjoy a much more expediated experience. SIG has also stated that people would adopt this technology knowing that i’s much more convenient than having to find a WiFi hotspot with your phone, for simple ad-hoc connectivity,

The ultimate goal of the Bluetooth SIG is to produce a Bluetooth standard featuring speeds of up to 480 Mbps, which would allow it to be favorably compared to the USB 3.0 spec. In 2006, the Bluetooth SIG tapped the WiMedia Alliance brand of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to serve as a high-speed channel for Bluetooth.

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