Safari 4 Beta is an improvement but needs some ironing out


Safari 4 on the mac, with it's new Opera-style dashboard of favourite websites

Last week we saw the release of Safari 4 into the Mac and Windows world, to compete with the beta releases of Internet Explorer 8 and the new Firefox and Opera version increments.

I have had some issues with the previous versions of Safari. Whilst they were also rated highly on speed, the poor Flash performance on the Mac as well as it’s instability were the drawbacks that made me switch back to Firefox. Albeit, Firefox handles flash the same as Safari, it is definitely much more stable than Safari. Even if it did get the occasional crash, it remembers your previous session and returns you back to the last set of tabs you were browsing on.

Safari 4 improves on the speed of it’s predecessor, numero 3, and it is amazingly fast. However, Safari 4 still shows the unstable and unreliable crashing we are used to getting on Safari 3, if we for example try and load two tabs containing flash content on there, or otherwise try to be cute with how we load our content. And this almost predictable reliability comes with no way of restoring previous session, unless we use the (yet to be compatible) plugins available for Safari, such as Saft which add such features.

I would figure, in light of the new Operating System Snow Leopard’s ethos of streamlining and perfecting what we already have, that we would iron out all these bugs in Safari and make it more reliable and crash less.

I certainly hope Snow Leopard will introduce speed and stability onto our beloved platform. What are your experiences with this Safari beta?

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