Day One: Thailand

We arrived in Bangkok last night. Interesting flight. We manged to trick the airlines into upgrading our seats to business class, which was totally awesome.

Must admit, Emirates with business class equals total luxury. It felt like our flight was about 20 minutes long. We got pampered so well and the leg-room was amazing.

OK. We arrived in Bangkok late last night. We found a motel. We went for a walk around Khe San road. Freaky first experience. You have lady boys and prostitutes come up to you and hassle you every second you go. Even the cab drivers hassle you.. Jeez.

Well, the next day, we decided to embark on a trip to the centre of Bangkok. The shopping centre there was amazing, kicks Westfield’s butt. Although because of our dollar, things weren’t as cheap as we would have hoped, there were one or two small bargains.

All in all though, my impression of Bangkok is that its a real filthy dirty city. The streets smell of piss, wherever you go. There aren’t enough clean bathrooms.

Our plans though, for the rest of the trip, we are going to try and fly to an island and enjoy Thailand without the crowds and pollution. Let’s see how we go..

Ill try putting some pics online on here or facebook as soon as I get a chance guys. 🙂

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