iPhone to have MMS? Or are the Swedes talking meatballs


MMS on the iPhone

On the rumour mill, Macworld Sweden has suggested that an MMS application is being developed, as the Swedish carrier Telia may be developing this feature as a 3rd-party application.

Long on the wishlist of iPhone users, including myself, spoiled with all the ‘snazzy’ graphics and features, the simple and basic feature of MMS that has been available on basic mobile phones for yonkers. Instead of Apple embedding it in it’s next update, it may well be allowing third party developers to add this feature.

This may be a blessing in disguise, as it will allow the wider community to be more creative in deciding what sorts of nifty features will come along with this MMS application. The downside though, the fact that people may have to pay for a feature that should be free anyway. Well, perhaps a combination of the two, where Apple and third-parties can develop MMS solutions may be a way of appeasing everyone. OK Apple, how about allowing third-party people to add ‘cut-and’paste’ functionality now…!

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