Internet Censorship: Coming to our shores


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Ladies and gentlemen. Something that you may or may not know, probably due to the lack of news coverage in Australia, but our government is working on making internet censorship a reality, and joining the exclusive club that includes China, North Korea and Cuba. 

By compelling internet providers to insert filters in their supply of internet, the government will be creating a list of websites and topics that it will put on it’s ‘black list’. Promoted by the government under the guise of protecting children from pornographic material, this will let out a pandora’s box.

After blocking out certain websites, the list will ultimately grow and include other content websites, deemed ‘immoral’ by the conservatives, which could include anything from homosexual-related websites, to other freedom-suppressing content.  Not to mention, this ploy will cause the internet speed to slow down, and end up costing a lot of money in infrastructure for the ISPs, who will no doubt pass it on to the consumers.

This unconstitutional invasion of privacy, suppression of the freedom we should have in a democratic nation, should not be allowed to continue. I urge all of you guys to sign the petition, currently making it’s round around the internet, at and pass this on to others. It’s important that our voices are heard. Censorship should not be the job of the government and ISPs. Parents should prevent their kids from accessing such sites, with software!

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