Welcome to my first post – Take 2

Hey guys,

OK. Something happened to my last blog, and basically had to completely revamp my website. There you go, not testing something and just putting it up there, can be a risk!

Anyhow, so let me re-introduce myself… My name is Doron Katz, I am a web developer from Sydney, Australia. I am currently employed at 247 Realmedia in Cremorne.

Okay, this blogsite is a work in progress. What I aim to achieve with this website, is the following:-

  1. Provide my buddies and those bored cyber-surfers, the latest news on whats going on in the ‘Doz-Zone’.
  2. I hope to provide my technical commentaries, rants and thoughts, on various stuff of interest, from Coldfusion and Web Development technologies and news, to Apple-related stuff. Over time you will get regular video and text reviews and tutorials on Apple development-related applications, and of course iPhone related stuff, so my baby iPhone doesnt feel neglected.
  3. This website will be an evolving website, with new features added as time goes on. It’s a huge job to put all my junk on here, but hey, ‘Rome’ wasn’t built in a day. Well mine would be comparable to some third-world city, so maybe it would take a few days to build.

I will be adding new pages, to give you guys a in-sight into the new projects that I am working on, as well as photos and stuff from my various world globe-trotting adventures. Please do write in, so I know my blog won’t be condemned to cyber-oblivion.

🙂 Doron

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